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 Leaving at 9.30 pm a night drive to the Peaks got us to Hardhurst Farm camp site for 1.30 am, tent up and in the sleeping bag for 2 am after giving others a hand with tents.

 What was supposed to be a weekend of climbing with members of the Norwich Climbing & Mountaineering Club "outside" in the glorious Peak District was looking a little far-fetched.

I awoke to the gentle sound of rain on my tent and got that heart sinking feeling. So up, breakfast and down to the Outside Cafe in Hathersage to meet up with those who drove up in the morning. After eating a second breakfast the decision was made to head to Burbage North...optimistic thinking there, wet rock, rain with no chance of things drying out. Second decision made...Awesome walls Sheffield. I have to say even though we were indoors all 12 of us had a great time and nice to be indoors on such long lead climbs for a change. 

  A nice evening had at the pub with good food and beer wishing Nick a happy birthday all be it on the Sunday.

 Pretty much the same weather for Sunday morning, breakfast was had at the Outside café again, birthday wishes where passed onto Nick, and we decided on a long walk round Burbage North & South then heading over to Higgor Tor, back to the cars and an early drive home.